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Spanish Graduate Program

The Department confers Master of Arts (M.A.) and Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees in Spanish. Most of the students are in the Ph.D. program and either enter with an M.A. from another institution or obtain one in passing after the end of the second year of study.

Self-supporting students who wish to pursue only the M.A. are encouraged to apply and welcomed.

The graduate program has a student enrollment of about forty, roughly a third of whom are native speakers of Spanish. The program offers a variety of courses and seminars equally balanced between Spanish and Spanish-American literature. Individual programs of reading and research on topics not covered by courses are frequently arranged.

In addition, the Department places great emphasis on extensive faculty-student contact outside of the classroom. For further information about graduate studies in Spanish, please check the links below or contact the Director of Graduate Admissions, Professor David T. Gies.

Course Descriptions

For updates or a complete description of courses offered by the Department please click here. You may also consult the Student Information System and the Graduate Record.