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Emily Scida

Emily Scida

Professor of Spanish and Language Program Director, Spanish (1010-2020 courses)



New Cabell Hall 435

Office Hours:

Spring Office Hours: Tuesday 2:00pm-3:00pm & Friday 1:00pm-3:00pm and by appt

  • Ph.D., Cornell University

  • M.A., Cornell University

  • B.S., Georgetown University


Teacher education, instructional technology, e-portfolios, contemplative pedagogies, historical and comparative Romance linguistics

Selected Articles:

Scida, E., James, K., & Firdyiwek, Y. (2016).  E-portfolios for Assessment of Student Learning in World Language Programs.  The Language Educator 11 (2), Mar/Apr.

Scida, E. & Jones, J.  (2016).  New Tools, New Designs: A Study of a Redesigned Hybrid Spanish Program.  CALICO Journal 33(2).

Firdyiwek, Y. & Scida, E. (2014).  Reflective Course Design: The Interplay of Pedagogy and Technology in a Teacher Education Course.  International Journal of ePortfolio 4(2), 115-131.

Scida, E.  & Firdyiwek, Y. (2013). Video Reflection in Foreign Language Teacher Development. In H. W. Allen & H. H. Maxim (eds.),  Educating the Future Foreign Language Professoriate for the 21st Century. Issues in language program direction: A series of annual volumes. Boston: Heinle.

Scida, E. (2010). History and structure of Portuguese: an overview. In T. Alkire & C. Rosen, The Romance Languages: A Historical Introduction.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Scida, E. (2009). The Language of Santa Teresa de Jesús. In A. Weber (ed.), Approaches to Teaching Teresa of Avila and the Spanish Mystics.  New York: Modern Language Association.

Scida, E. (2008). ¿Cómo es posible que un italiano entienda casi todo cuando le hablo en español?  In J. Ewald & A. Edstrom (eds.), El español a través de la lingüística: Preguntas y respuestas.  MA: Cascadilla Press.

Scida, E. & Saury, R.  (2006).  Hybrid Courses and Their Impact on Classroom Performance: A Case Study at the University of Virginia. CALICO Journal 23, (3), 517-531.


Learning Technologies Incubator Grant, University of Virginia, 2014-2015 and 2015-2016, 2016-2017

Contemplative Sciences Center Grant, University of Virginia, 2014

Contemplative Pedagogy Program Grant, University of Virginia, 2013

Fall 2012 Hybrid Course Challenge Grant, University of Virginia, 2012-2013

Learning Assessment Grant, Adrienne Ward and Emily Scida, University of Virginia, 2012-2013

Grant for Learning, University Academy of Teaching, University of Virginia, 2012

Daniels Family NEH Distinguished Teaching Professor, University of Virginia, 2011-2014

University Academy of Teaching, invited member, University of Virginia, 2011-present

SHANTI Cohorts Fellowship Program, University of Virginia, 2009-2010

Grant to Support Student Learning Assessment, University of Virginia, 2008-2009

Teaching + Technology Initiative Fellowship, University of Virginia, 2005-2006

University Teaching Fellows Program, University of Virginia, 2001-2002

T.A. Development Grant, University of Virginia, 2001


Grant Projects:

E-Portfolios in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning

The Impact of Contemplative Practices on Foreign Language Anxiety in an Introductory Spanish Course

Navigating Graduate Life: the Impact of Contemplative Practices on Teacher Stress and Self-Efficacy

Rehybridization of Elementary Spanish (SPAN 1010, 1020, 1060)



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